The following services are focused on our services:


  • Work rust and paint removal with different abrasives in ships and industrial plants

Fine Blasting

  • Blast cabinet with glass beads and silica flour wet blasting technique against dust
  • Vacu-Blast Rays


  • Equipment up to 1,000 bar for cleaning and spot-beam
  • Systems for up to 2,700 bar for rust and the complete color removal standard D 3 JPG 2-3 SA 2 coatings


  • Industrial Coating
  • Roll-painting
  • Airless paint spraying
  • Low pressure injection technology
  • Electrostatic spraying
  • Anti-static coatings
  • Deck flooring coatings
  • Hot-coating-process

Concrete Surface Treatment

  • Building Conservation
  • Conservation
  • Facade protection
  • Sand-Blasting
  • Concrete Surface Treatment / Water-High-Pressure-Process
  • Tank Coatings
  • Rust removal and coatings of all kinds


  • Refreshing of contaminated surfaces and damaged vehicle

Lettering, logos and page Signum

  • Vessel Name
  • IMO-No.
  • Charter Logo
  • Chimney Logo
  • Bug-Crest
  • Deck markings, and much more